Conquer Writer's Block

December 16, 2017

Tags: Overcome Writer's Block, Just write

I recently connected with an old colleague I hadn’t seen in over a decade. Listening to him on the telephone reminded me of how poetic his Southern vernacular and cadence were. He was a natural storyteller, and his knowledge of the English language coupled with his life of service as a police officer made for engaging conversation. I complimented him, and asked if writing ever interested him. He sighed before replying, “At one time, but life gets in the way.” (more…)

The Best Advice I've Received

August 5, 2017

Tags: Best Advice

Here is a Top 10 List of the best advice I've received this year:

1. If you say no other prayer, say "thank you."
2. Indecision is a decision.
3. Never fight a man with paint on his pants. (more…)

My Q&A for the James Patterson MasterClass Journey

July 16, 2017

Tags: MasterClass, James Patterson, co-author competition

Photo taken by Jason Wright
1) How did you hear about the James Patterson MasterClass?
I kept seeing MasterClass ads on my Facebook wall. I forwarded the advertisement to several friends who like writing, and I decided to enroll on January 29, 2017.

2) Have you taken any other MasterClass courses?

Japan vs USA

October 31, 2016

Tags: Japanese Culture, American Culture

I had been surviving in Japan for one year when I was asked to return to the States to testify as a witness in an old case stemming from my adventure in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. I was excited to visit the States for five days, and many of my American friends wanted to know how I found the Land of the Rising Sun. (more…)


March 23, 2016

Tags: Friendships, Best Friend

“Without friendship, life is not worth living,” exclaimed the Roman Statesman Marcus Cicero.

How much different would our society be if we could “buy” our deceased friends back to Earth? Think about this for a minute. You have lost a very close friend, but God says to you: “You can have (insert name here) back on Earth for another 5 years, but you have to donate $50,000 to charity.” Would you do it? (more…)

Make This Year Your Masterpiece

January 1, 2016

Tags: Masterpiece, Growth, Best Year Ever, Resolutions, Know Thyself

For this year to be your masterpiece, your focus should be on growth. But you cannot have growth without change, and the first step toward change is self-awareness. Know yourself. (more…)

La Corrida de Toros

October 12, 2012

Tags: Spanish bull fight, La Corrida de Toros, Madrid

Landing in Madrid amidst an afternoon thunderstorm reminded me of the musical lyric, “The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.” This trip marked my fourth time returning to the Iberian Peninsula since I first stepped foot on it as a high school student in the summer of 1998.

It felt invigorating to once again be in the bustling metropolitan capital, with its ancient plazas, ornate fountains, and elaborate stone monuments at each intersection. Keeping in pace with an ever-advancing globalized world, Madrid boasted capitalist enterprises like Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, and TGI Fridays at every corner. Yet there was something starkly different about this culture from the rest of the civilized world. (more…)

A Day of Remembrance

May 7, 2012

Tags: Auschwitz, Concentration Camp, Dr. Viktor Frankl, logotherapy

May 7, 2012: Heidi and I toured the most evil place I have ever experienced in my life--the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Nazi leader Adolph Hitler believed in the superiority of a Germanic or Aryan master race, and he desired to eliminate lower class humans not up to the standards of the master race. (more…)