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Movie Review: "Operation Finale"

Operation Finale was about the Israeli clandestine operation to capture Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. The purpose of the operation was for Eichmann to stand trial in Israel for war crimes during World War II. I'm disheartened that more people went to watch "Crazy Rich Asians " over the Labor Day weekend instead of seeing a film about the endless pursuit to bring justice to evildoers, but I digress...


Actor Sir Ben Kingsley did an amazing job showing the complexity of humanity and the capability of the cruelties one family man and patriot can do to another human being. "I was just following orders. I was a cog in a machine..."


When the movie ended, people sat motionless in their seats, likely with the same feeling of unease as I. This important movie will resonate with you long after you leave the theater, just as my visit to Auschwitz years ago changed me. My experience touring Auschwitz in Poland stirred my soul to write about it, which you may read here.

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