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Movie Review: "Alamar" ("To The Sea")

Was going through a list of movies on my Amazon watchlist, when I came across Alamar, a 2010 semi-documentary about a 4 year-old Italian boy who was the beautiful product of an Italian woman's tryst with a Yucatan tour guide. The young boy, Natan, spends a summer on the remote Mexican island with his father, and a kind-hearted grandfather figure who likes to joke and drink coffee with lots of sugar. Natan seamlessly transitions from speaking Italian with his mother in Rome, to then speaking Spanish with his father and the other inhabitants of the fishing village. While living with his tender and attentive father in a stilt hut near one of the world's largest coral reefs, Natan learns his father's way of living in harmony with the natural environment. This is a wonderful and emotional peek into a boy coming of age as he spends an exciting and culturally different summer with his father. 


Here is the trailer.

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