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Movie Review: "No Country for Old Men"

This crime thriller was even better the second time I watched it! It's directed by the Coen Brothers, and based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy.


In summary: Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) is out hunting deer when he comes upon the grisly aftermath of a drug deal gone bad. His greed takes over, and he steals a briefcase of cash. Well, of course, the owner of that money is not going to stop looking for it. The hunter becomes the hunted when a merciless killer named Chigurh (Javier Bardem) picks up his trail throughout the Southwest desert/border--places like El Paso, Texas in the early 1980s. Also looking for Moss is Sheriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jones), a lawman nearing retirement, who reflects on a changing world.


To truly appreciate this film, you have to look at Chigurh's character as it was in the novel--as "Fate" itself. Once I did that, his character took on a different persona. This movie confronts fate, greed, fear, morality, and change--and it does so through the lens of different characters.


Although the dialogue is sparse throughout the movie, I think it's excellent. It was appropriate for the time and geography. Here are a few of the lines that I remember:


Anton Chigurh: You need to call it. I can't call it for you. It wouldn't be fair.

Gas Station Proprietor: I didn't put nothin' up.

Anton Chigurh: Yes, you did. You've been putting it up your whole life you just didn't know it. You know what date is on this coin?

Gas Station Proprietor: No.

Anton Chigurh: 1958. It's been traveling twenty-two years to get here. And now it's here. And it's either heads or tails. And you have to say. Call it.

Gas Station Proprietor: Look, I need to know what I stand to win.

Anton Chigurh: Everything.


Sheriff Bell: "Signs and wonders. I think once you quit hearing sir and ma'am, the rest is soon to follow."

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