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Thrive 2019 Leadership Conference

I just finished up a three-day leadership conference at Southwest Church in Southern California called THRIVE. It's a Christian conference designed to educate and energize people of faith. This was my first year to attend, and I'm glad I did. It was like drinking from a firehose, and it'll take me the rest of the year to digest everything. But here are some of my notes:

My notes from Pastor Shawn Hennessey, who was a cool dude. He literally arrived by plane right before the conference started. He was wearing a motorcycle jacket and shared his incredible journey to becoming a pastor. He also introduced me to Bob Goff, whose book "Love Does" is now sitting in the queue on my desk.


"Your talent can take you somewhere your character can't keep you."


God has a self-image. Since we're made in His image, we then have a self-image. Because God is:

     - omniscipient, we thirst for knowledge.

     - omnipotent, we have hunger for power

     - omnipresent, we desire to be present in someone's life (relationships)


Jesus was an introvert. He would have to break away from people.


There is a fine line between insecurity and humility.


Pastor Shawn challenged us to think about these questions:

     - Have you ever believed in someone else's dream enough that you funded it?

     - Who are the eight people you want around your deathbed?

     - Have you ever bought something you hated because you loved the person you were with?

     - Why do we not honor the Sabbath?


Notes from Pastor Ray Johnston, whose encouragement is always a blessing.


"Be a fisher of men, not a keeper of the acquarium."


Raise your expectations

Anticipate obstacles. Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future.

Increase contact. There is no impact without contact.

Start serving.

Expect God to work.


"You can drift or decide. Even a dead fish drifts down a stream."


"People help support what they helped create."


Notes from Mariann Eitzman, who spoke about her experiences going undercover to volunteer at more than 40 different organizations.


#1: Know the name of your volunteers. When asked what has meant the most to a volunteer, the answer is that people at the organization knew their name.


#2: Value your volunteers. It's not the company mug or service pen that volunteers really appreciate, it's the exclusive thank you dinner/event. Make them feel like an insider. When you have training for your adult volunteers, remember that their time is valuable. Make sure the training has a purpose and a goal. Adults can absorb 3 learning objectives in 60 minutes. So make/break it down into 3, 18 minute blocks of instruction.


#3: You want them to have a great experience so they share it with others.


See you at Thrive next year!

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