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AOPA Livermore, CA Fly-In

Heidi and I attended the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Livermore, California fly-in, and had a fantastic time. We flew in a 1977 Turbo Piper Arrow that saved us about 7 hours of what would have been a very boring roadtrip. The bird's eye view is the way to go!


While walking the tarmac, we got to see some of the newest airplanes, like the Cirrus SR22 Turbo, which Heidi instantly fell in love with.


As we continued touring the aviation expo, we talked with one of the coolest aviation giants in the industry—Jason Schappert.


During the flight back home, I asked Heidi what her favorite part of the aviation event was. She said it was the seminar by Jolie Lucas, titled "Exiting the Hold: Reaching Your Life Goals." Dr. Lucas, a psychologist, provided six tips to getting unstuck in life. Here is a summary of my notes during her lecture:


1.     Maximize timing. There are two Greek words for time: Chrono (think linear/chronologicaly) and Kairos (seize opportunities). She provided examples of people who seized their opportunities late in life, like Morgan Freeman who caught his break at 52 years old when he played in the movie, "Driving Miss Daisey."


2.     Choose your course of action wisely. Are you a person who learns better in a classroom, in an online environment, or through a book?


3.     Be a flexible thinker.


4.     Quiet the critic. Insert positivity into your thinking, and realize that it has to be an active process.


5.     Exhibit determination. Get up one more time than you get knocked down. The research shows that preparation and determination determine success more than money or where you went to school.


6.     Utilize community connections. Get connected with other like-minded people through clubs and social sites like Facebook. Dr. Lucas discusses this in more depth in her AOPA blog.


Dr. Lucas talked about the differences between the male brain and the female brain, and then she showed this funny video, titled "It's Not about the Nail."


We enjoyed hanging out with fellow pilots and getting to see the various airplanes. We look forward to seeing where AOPA will host their 2020 fly-ins. Where would you like to see next year's fly-in? Feel free to post your comments below.

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