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Sticky Teams 2019: Thriving in Babylon

I enjoyed an invigorating spiritual retreat at North Coast Church in Oceanside, titled "Sticky Teams 2019: Thriving in Babylon: Christianity in Crisis." Pastoral and leadership experts like Chris Brown, Carey Nieuwhof, Dr. Larry Osborne, and Albert Tate presented awesome seminars. Here are just a few of my takeaways:


Carey Nieuwhof, best-selling author and Canadian pastor, talked about the issues that wipe out leaders. He summariezed points from his book, "Didn't See it Coming: Overcoming the 7 Greatest Challenges that no one expects and everyone Experiences":

1. Cynicism: It starts because you care. But when you close your heart to people, you close your heart to God.

2. Compromise: It's the gap between who you are and the person you could be. Work twice as hard on your character as you do on your competency.

3.  Disconnection: "Hurrying is the enemy of intimacy."

4. Irrelevance: Being relevant is the permission to speak into the culture.

5. Pride: Obsession with self

6. Burnout: Living today to thrive tomorrow.

7. Emptiness: The feeling you experience even when all your dreams come true.


Carey also talked about time management. He suggested to stop just managing time, and start managing your energy. On average we only have about 3-5 high productive hours, so it's important to start doing what we're best at when we're best at it. Carey said: "No one will ever ask you to complete your top priorities. They will only ask you to complete theirs."


Dr. Larry Osborne talked about how leadership = results & relationships. This was a timely message for me as I was preparing to submit my annual performance appraisal summary for work. Success is not just about results, but also about positive relationships.


The church needs to run on two rails:

1. leadership (the future)

2. discipleship (the salt and light)


I highly recommend Sticky Teams conference to anyone, and I look forward to attending next year.

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