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Letter from Mage Axum, Sept 21, 1944

My father recently discovered this letter while cleaning out my great-grandmother's house after she passed away. She was almost 104 years old, and had been married to Mage's brother, Tucker. This handwritten letter was from Mage Axum to his brother. He wrote it while overseas serving in the Army during WW2.


September 21, 1944


Dear Bud and all,


Thought I would drop you all a few lines this morning to let you all know that I am still ok and doing well and hope you all are too. Well, how goes everything back home? Fine, I hope. Guess you are driving the bus by now. Annie Mae told me she thought you were going to drive this year. Well, what's new back in the States? Not much new over here but we hope that the war will soon be over. I am kind of sleepy this morning as I was on KP (Kitchen Patrol) yesterday and went to the show last night. I haven't gotten any mail since I left England. I think it was the 21 of August. Gosh, if I don't get some mail pretty soon from my girls I will go nuts. How is Belle and the kiddies doing? Tell the kids hello for me and I hope to see them before too long. Gosh, I only hope it won't be long because this is one life I don't think any one could like, not even old Hitler himself. How is our mules doing? Take as good care of them as you can for when I come I think I will go to the back woods and live when I get back home. Well, I will close as I can hardly write with this old pen. Hope you can make things out. Tell all hello and write to me.


From your bud Mage.




This letter provides insight into Mage's thoughts and service to our country. A few quick observations are (1) he lived in a time without instant access to communications. He pleads for a letter from home. (2) Although he, his wife, and daughter lived in a house in the city, he talks about wanting to move to the country when he returns from the war.


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