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Best Advice I Received in 2019

Here is a Top 10 list of the best advice I received in 2019:


1. Don't have a need to be liked by strangers. Dr. Phil

2. God is more interested in your development than in your mistakes. John Maxwell


3. If you want to help the poor, don't be one. Steve Harvey's dad told him this.


4. To which organ does your heart pump blood first? It actually pumps blood to itself first so that it can then pump blood to the rest of the body. Dr. Dean Ornish

5. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. Woody Allen

6. You can drift or decide. Even a dead fish drifts down a stream. Pastor Ray Johnson

7. It's not what we get that makes us happy. It's what we become. Tony Robbins

8. Don't let your learning lead to knowledge, but to action. Jim Rohn


9. It doesn't matter where you're from. It matters where you're going. Dr. Condi Rice

10. A dream without a plan is a wish. Dave Ramsey


What's the best advice you received in 2019?

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