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Movie Review: "Richard Jewell"

Clint Eastwood is the man! Rarely have I witnessed someone continue to reinvent himself and excel every time. He has transitioned from a stellar actor to writer to producer to composer to director. He's even a licensed pilot and politician, but let me get back to my review of his most recent film, Richard Jewell. It's about the security guard who found the backpack with explosives at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but was convicted in the court of public opinion by the media. The Atlanta Journal Constitution printed a story, leaking information that the FBI was secretly investigating Richard Jewell as being the suspect who planted the bomb so he could find it and become the "false hero."


Paul Hauser did an excellent job playing Richard Jewell, and Kathy Bates knocked it out the park playing Richard Jewell's mother. I'd get caught up in her performance and forget she was the iconic actor and only see her as Mrs. Jewell.


The most poignant line in the film was when Richard was being interviewed by the FBI. He said because of how he had been treated by the FBI, the media, and the public, he was now worried what would happen next time a security guard saw a suspicious bag. That security guard would have to make a decision whether to report it, or to simply run away and avoid all the scrutiny.


My hat's off to Clint Eastwood. Mr. Eastwood is accustomed to playing the American hero in his Westerns and police movies, but some of his more recent films have been to highlight real American heros who are worthy of our attention and respect: Sully, American Sniper, 15:17 Paris, and now Richard Jewell.

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