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Movie Review: "Can you ever Forgive Me?"

I'm a fan of Melissa McCarthy's work. She's a talented actress and possesses great comedic timing. Her performance was fantastic in this film--perhaps her best. However, this drama is based on the true story of Lee Israel, an American author who started forging letters from prominent people and selling them to make ends meet while living in NYC in the 1990s. For someone (Israel) who had such respect for literature, it was appaling that she would do what she did, and do it repeatedly! She showed no remorse for her crimes, and seemed to be an ungrateful, mean spirited, and joyless human being. I found no redeeming qualities in her, except she cared for her cat. But even then, she described her 12 year old cat as being the only soul that loved her unconditionally. Lee Israel never spent a day in prison for her crimes, and ultimately wrote a memoir about this scandal. Writing a book about this just seemed to further her own ego and self-absorption. Click here for trailer.

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