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My thoughts on life, movies, and books...

Movie Review: "Hearts in Atlantis"

Just watched "Hearts in Atlantis," for the first time. It came out in 2001, but that was an intense time for me--being a full time college student and police officer. This film, based on a Stephen King novel, brought back a special childhood nostalgia, and so many sayings were priceless. As someone who travels back home to Louisiana once or twice a year, this line resonated with me: "Why do we always expect home to stay the same? Nothing else does."

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Movie Review: "The Shining"

In keeping with our "Stephen King Saturday" tradition, Heidi & I watched "The Shining." I had never seen it before, nor read the book. Jack Nicholson can sure play a crazy man! The movie was scary, but the plot left me asking a ton of questions. I learned that a lot of sections from the book were omitted from the movie, which made the film a little choppy and confusing at times. However, the overall arching theme of the film is that there are supernatural forces at work. Have you ever stayed at a place where you felt this supernatural energy? I can think of two places where I felt energy from "the other side": The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, and the Winchester Mystery House in California.

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