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Tucker grew up in the South and graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with degrees in criminal justice and foreign language. He traded the bayous for the far corners of the globe as a federal special agent for the US Government.


In 2008, Tucker accepted an assignment in Italy on behalf of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). He put up a good fight, but eventually succumbed to the local cultural norms and became a habitual espresso drinker and pizza connoisseur. When taking breaks from indulging himself on red wine and fresh pasta, or interrogating dangerous pirates off the coast of Kenya, Tucker completed his graduate studies in Organizational Leadership from the University of Oklahoma. He gave the commencement speech in Heidelberg, Germany, where he encouraged improving the world through education, leadership, and service.


After an expedition to the Normandy American Cemetery in France, Tucker became motivated to pen his first novel, The Reawakening of Mage Axum, which was prompted by his investigation into the mysterious disappearance of his uncle, an enlisted soldier in the US Army during World War II. Influenced by true events, the novel explores second chances.


In 2015, Tucker accepted an assignment as the Personal Security Advisor to the US Navy's 7th Fleet Admiral. So, Tucker and his family packed up their belongings and moved to Japan, fulfilling his childhood dream of living in the Far East and studying the martial arts.


It was overseas, where Tucker learned about MasterClass, the online platform to study with the greats. He enrolled and competed against thousands to become the winner of the 2017 James Patterson coauthor competition. Tucker partnered with the New York Times best-selling author on Cajun Justice, an international thriller that will take you on an exciting journey.


Tucker enjoys cruising on his Harley Davidson and striving to become a better person. Jesus taught "to whom much is given, much will be demanded." Tucker's love of aviation and commitment to service inspired him to volunteer as a rescue pilot for Pilots N Paws, a non-profit organization that flies animals in need. He and his wife also support:

  - their local church

  - Compassion International

  - St. Jude

  - Animal Aid Unlimited

  - and other organizations adding value to our world


Tucker currently lives in Southern California with Heidi and their chocolate Labrador, but his go-bag is always packed for the next adventure.