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The Reawakening of Mage Axum

"A tale of how otherwise ordinary lives get caught up in the swirl of history, and all of the good and bad that can come of it. At its core a story of second chances -- and how those of us lucky enough to get them might go about getting things right on the next go-around." Erik Slavin, Stars and Stripes

A wounded World War II American soldier awakens in a military hospital with memories of being one person but residing in the body of another. Aided by a French priest, Mage Axum is given a new identity and returns to the United States. Wandering his hometown unrecognized, feeling like a ghost, he struggles to choose between the memories of his old life in Texas and the new body of fellow soldier, James Karl. His bizarre second chance at life becomes bittersweet when he meets the politically-connected Betsie Blair, a savvy journalist and heiress to a newspaper empire. Their adventures of war, love, aviation, and politics will change postwar America.

 Readers' Comments:


"How do I write about this novel without giving it away? For starters, I went in cold, expecting something along the lines of "Saving Private Ryan" but it turned out to be more like "Forrest Gump" and just as satisfying. Axum is a great story teller and effortlessly connects his characters with the reader to the point they quickly become old friends. Axum has achieved a literary trifecta by weaving a tale of characters, history and geography. I've been to some of the places Axum deftly describes, the other places I now long to go. I'm not one for speed reading, tending to pick a book and put it down over a long period of time. I binge-read this one in about 8 hours. It's that good and compelling." Michael Eversman


"I LO-O-O-O-VED this book and read it straight through whenever I had any moments to spare. It was different from anything I have ever read before, and quite captured my imagination from the very beginning. I love the way the characters were developed and the story unfolded. The historical content from the 40's to recent times was mesmerizing. So, I instantly started over and read it again! Two reads right in a row. There was so much to take in -- it was SO interesting - it was beautifully and wonderfully done. Two thumbs up!" Barbara Raymond


"We have all wondered "what if" at some point in our lives. This book goes beyond the mere "what ifs" and weaves a tapestry of true life events with the seemingly impossibility of a second chance. The reader finds himself wondering how he would react to the startling revelations and opportunities that Mage/James encounters. Could you really live in the same community as your family and loved ones and not reveal yourself to them? Could you start a new life and fulfill the barely imagined dreams of your old life? Mage/James' journey through his new life encourages us all to grasp the brass ring on this merry-go-round of life; we may not get that second chance." Sherri Sharpe


"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am not one who usually reads fictional books, but found this to be a fascinating book which kept me entertained. The Reawakening of Mage Axum was full of cliff hangers and kept me wanting more with the turn of each page. I loved how the author mixed real historical events into this novel. If you are a fan of WWII or one who ponders how different your life would be if one event from your past had a different end result, this is a must read!" Joshua Jefferson


"I read this book upon a friends recommendation and was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable a read it was. I was very impressed with this first time author's work. The authors strength seems to come from his ability to create a strong connection to the characters that every reader will certainly appreciate. I particularly enjoyed the historical journey that the book conveyed from the 1940's until the early 2000's. As a World War II aficionado, I found Mage Axum's journey from being killed on the battlefield to waking up in a new body at an Army hospital fascinating. From there a new and worthy life was lead by Mage. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" and "Heaven Can Wait" both have a similar premise, but Axum's work has a fresh, relevant and interesting take on this topic. A nice read that is well worth one's time this summer." Daniel Lombardi