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Tucker's Published Works

The Reawakening of Mage Axum

A wounded American soldier awakens in a makeshift military hospital, unaware of who he is. His adventures of war, love, aviation, politics, and second chances span two continents and half a century of America's defining moments.

"A tale of how otherwise ordinary lives get caught up in the swirl of history, and all of the good and bad that can come of it. At its core a story of second chances -- and how those of us lucky enough to get them might go about getting things right on the next go-around." - Erik Slavin, Stars and Stripes

"A Bishop and a Cardinal"

Our family airplane becomes a missionary in Alaska.

"Cardinal Rescues Canine"

A group of animal lovers come together to rescue a little dog needing a furever home.

"Engine Trouble Over The Bayou"

Tucker describes a night flight over the bayous where he encountered engine problems in a Cessna.

"A Cardinal's Close Encounter"

Tucker's cross-country flight runs into mysterious trouble...over Roswell.

"A Cardinal Flies South"

Tucker narrates in gripping detail the story of his 2,075 mile barnstorming adventure with lifelong friend, Joe Guillory. Together, they will fly his Cessna Cardinal from Washington State to Louisiana while facing dangers.

"Joining the Club"

Tucker's childhood dream of becoming an aircraft owner is realized when he purchases a Cessna Cardinal in Idaho and flies it back to Washington after a snowstorm.

"Wings over Kenya"

Tucker pilots two friends over Kenya's beautiful coast in a twin-engine airplane. This air adventure reveals the treasure of friendship.

"The $418.00 Hamburger"

While on home leave from serving overseas, Tucker pilots his aunt and 95 year-old great grandmother in a Cessna 172 over East Texas. You're never too old to try new things.